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Are Back Protectors Worth it for Snowboarding?

If you want to maximize the protection while snowboarding then this protective gear is worth it. Many snowboarders injure their wrists, knees and shoulders and while they can be painful, back injuries carry a much greater risk. More recently skiers and snowboarders have chosen to wear back protectors as the awareness of injuries has increased. At the same time brands have done their best to create low volume models that go unnoticed under a snowboard jacket.

Snowboard back protectors are designed with padding that runs from the neck down to the tailbone. The amount of padding can vary from model to model. As their names suggest, snowboard spine protectors provide padding close to the spine area, while back protectors are bigger and provide coverage/protection for the whole back. Aside from the padding, snowboard and ski back protectors have velcro and zip fastenings with a breathable mesh material used to wrap around the body for a close and comfortable fit.

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