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Stay Protected With BMX Padded Shorts

Whether you’re into freestyling or racing, we have all fallen off our BMX at some point and woken up feeling sore the next day. Fortunately, BMX impact shorts are the protective gear that you wear under your pants that provide protection to your hip, thigh and tailbone area. This piece of protective gear uses foam to help absorb impacts in case of falls or crashes.

There are various styles of protective shorts for BMX riding that provide different levels of protection. Some models come with thick padding that provides the optimal protection, while thinner models will be more lightweight and breathable. While either style adds confidence and protection to BMX riders, impact shorts can be used for a number of different action sports.

Of course, having a pair of impact shorts is just one bit of protection that you should wear when riding BMX. To get the remainder of the protective gear, head to our BMX Protection category.

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