SkateMate Skate Sharpener

SkateMate is a Swedish company that designs and produces premium handheld blade sharpeners for ice skates. The universal SkateMate Pro sharpener is suitable for figure skates, hockey skates and leisure skates. Featuring an easy-to-use patented system, SkateMate’s blade sharpeners can be comfortably carried around in your sports bag and make your ice skate blades sharp in a few minutes.

Company founder E.Ellestad is the genius mind behind the handy SkateMate sharpener. By starting this brand, Ellestad wanted to equip ice skaters with a reliable and durable sharpening tool they could count on. Under the guidance of SkateMate owner Stefan Hammarström, this brand expanded rapidly to serve customers and skating professionals all over the world.

If you are looking to extend your toolset with an exceptional sharpener, a SkateMate can give your blades a competitive edge.

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