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Yoko 7100 Competition FS Ski Pole

EUR 59,95
EUR 139,95 BESPAAR EUR 80,00
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Skigo Touring Handschoenen
Skigo Touring Handschoenen
EUR 24,951 paar
EUR 15,95        
Yoko Yxg 2 Grip
Yoko Yxg 2 Grip
1 paar
EUR 5,95        
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The 7100 series pole shafts are slightly heavier and less stiff than the 9100 and 8100 series. Made from high strength carbon, it offers nice balance properties and is very suitable for high level skiing.

Strap size:
145cm pole length = Medium
155cm pole length = Medium
165cm pole length = Large

Diameter - 10mm

Notice: This is a Free shaft version, meaning that nothing is mounted to the shaft. This makes it possible customizing it to the prefered length, mounting the strap and grip afterwards. Includes glue. The grips are included.


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