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Tempish Favorit Junior Floorball Stick

EUR 19,95
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De Favorit Junior floorball stick van Tempish is zeer geschikt voor beginners en gevorderde spelers. Grote controle voor technische games. Makkelijk om mee te passen en te schieten.

Flex: 32
Blade: Twenty
Grip: Score

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recensies   (6)
De website is gebruiksvriendelijk, artikelen zijn van goede informatie voorzien. De levering was snel en netjes. De floorball stick bevalt er goed.
Gert van Haitsma (Haren Gn)
Beoordeling: 4 van 5!
I ordered 4 sticks on 3/22/19 for Easter for my children. That was a full month before Easter. I recieved several emails claiming delays in shipment but they should have still delivered in time for Easter. Then I get an email stating that only 3 of the 4 sticks will be delivered so they could give me a discount or send me a forth stick that was a little taller. I asked for the forth stick and a discount as I needed it plus this has been a total pain in the butt. They said sure. I only got the 3 sticks for Easter when I needed 4. They did take a whopping $10 off my order. They said they misunderstood I needed the 4th stick. Still need the forth stick. 1 disappointed kid for Easter. I ordered a month in advance and still never received my full order on time. The kids that got the sticks LOVE them but need one more for Easter. I was going to order another 4 but will get them elsewhere
Robert Hoehn (Zelienople)
Beoordeling: 1 van 5!
Antwoord van SkatePro:  Hi Robert,
Thank you for leaving your feedback on our website.
At the moment you did make the purchase with us, the items were available as pre-order since the supplier, unfortunately, didn't have them in stock yet. In your case, they have delayed it, unfortunately, twice. We are very sorry about this and it was definitely not something, that we would have thought of in the first place, otherwise you would be informed about that.
Due to the tight schedule, you did have, and one of the items, which was not available, we did offer you some discount for the inconvenience and told you that we would ship it out, without the stick so we could keep up with the tight delivery schedule for you. We did misunderstand each other. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
Great product, excellent value and fantastic delivery which was faster than expected. In general, brilliant service - thank you.
Antoinnette Rawlings (Broadway)
Beoordeling: 5 van 5!
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