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Sure-Grip Toe Jammers Toe guards

EUR 24,95
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This set of Toe Guards from Sure-Grip can be used with or without the heat molding. Strap it in between your toe stoppers and secure to the bottom row of the laces on your boot. This will help keep the toe area of the skates secure and adds abrasion resistance to your setup.

The caps are made from toughened vinyl and with the heat-molding they can be customized to fit your specific choice of boot.

Heat Molding Instructions:

  1. Pre-heat conventional oven (do not microwave!) to 90°C (200°F).
  2. Place Toe Jammers in oven for 4-5 minutes.
  3. Carefully remove Toe Jammers (they will be hot!).
  4. Place over toe of boot & hold in place for several minutes until cool.


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