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Buying cross country pants for men

Ever wondered what to wear skiing? When it comes to Cross country skiing it can in many ways, be compared with running. The movements are about the same. The pants you wear for cross country ski and running, are designed with similar features. The aim is to optimize the movability of the legs. Cross country ski pants can be found as both tights and loose fit - What fit you the best, comes down to personal preferences.

Like running pants, cross country pants often have reflexes to make them more visible, in low light conditions. This is especially important when you travel to the back country. If you do this we also recommend that you bring a headlamp

What to wear when skiing?

When dressing up for a day on cross country skis, it is important to avoid cotton materials. Cotton keeps moisture and you will, in no time, feel wet and cold. It can be a good idea to wear a pair of wool underwear underneath your cross country pants. Wool is good at transporting sweat away from the body.

To ensure that the body won’t make an overflow of moisture. cross country ski pants are made of breathable materials. Cross Country skiing is usually a full body workout and this requires a great amount of ventilation and some breathable features from your clothes. This is qualities that all of our different pants in this section holds.

Some models come with insulating qualities, other models are made only to protect against wind and water.