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Ground Control Canvas Rugtas

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Ground Control Frames
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Ground Control's nieuwste rugzak is gemaakt van duurzaam canvas materiaal en wordt geleverd met skate houders, gevoerd laptopvak, 5 vakken, waterdichte bodem, metalen gespen en ritsen, evenals een gewatteerde rug met lucht ventilatie.

Afmetingen: Hoogte: 21" (53cm) x Breedte: 14.5" (37cm) x Dikte: 7" (18cm)


This bag is bad. I bought a ground control bag 7 years ago and it was amazing, I hoped this newer/more expensive design would be good after that one finally broke down but... It's basically a flimsy fabric bag flopping everywhere (Shit for skating), There used to be loads of little zip pockets on all their bags and now there is like a million pointless buckles instead that don't even safely close, There is no way to actually close the pockets on the side so they are basically useless, the little piece of leather which is part of the string you use to tighten the bags MAIN COMPARTMENT wears down and falls off pretty quickly and you have to re-tighten it all day long or have your stuff fall out. 5 months into owning this bag and it's falling to pieces, I can't get a refund because it's been too long. Bad design, plain bad craftsmanship, very disappointed. It does not look like the picture at all. Nowhere near that sturdy, completely false advertising.
torrell ward (Bristol)
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Der Rucksack ist sehr praktisch und auch für den Transport von Schlittschuhen wunderbar geeignet.
Catharina L. (Lübeck)
Beoordeling: 5 van 5!
Leider nicht alle schnallen aus Metall, sondern nur die unwichtigsten vorne. Die Kunststoffschnallen taugen nix... Ansonsten ist der Rucksack echt ganz cool. Gute Fächer und tolle Optik.
Marvin Juirsch (Göttingen)
Beoordeling: 3 van 5!